Accreditation Consultants

Kanda Consulting LLC presents a winning team, with 100% of our consultation clients receiving CARF or Joint Commission (TJC) accreditation. With over 175 years of management team experience, and over 50 years of CARF and Joint Commission consulting experience, we advise for a wide range of health and human services in the United States and Canada, serving small and large-scale facilities. To maximize your continued accreditation success, we offer AfterCare services to maintain accreditation. For more information, call 123-456-7890.

Joint Commission

Kanda Consulting LLC will prepare your organization to receive the The Joint Commission Accreditation which expects compliance in multiple areas of behavioral health, and distinguishes between the populations of the organization.

100% Success Rate

Our team of consultants, with over 150 years of experience, has a proven record of accomplishment of accreditation achievement. Let us add you to our success rate.

Specialized Service for Each Client

Geared specifically for health and human services agencies, PowderHorn Consulting strives to meet the needs of each individual client.


Accreditation Prep

Accreditation preparation is possibly the single most important aspect of CARF or Joint Commission accreditation consulting, and Kanda Consulting LLC is prepared to assist your organization. With our team of consultants’ work experience with CARF and TJC, we will lead you through the process professionally and successfully.

CARF Accreditation Prep

When planning for CARF accreditation, Kanda Consulting LLC is your best option for thorough evaluation and preparation. Through collaboration with your facility, our consultants will assess your organization and produce agency-specific recommendations to assure accreditation. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) has been accrediting a wide range of behavioral health, aging, child and youth, employment and community services and medical rehabilitation facilities since 1966. The CARF mission is to promote quality, valuable services with optimal outcomes through accreditation and continuous improvement of the organization.

Joint Commission Accreditation Prep

The Joint Commission places a strict rule of guidelines before an organization seeking accreditation, and that’s where Kanda Consulting LLC steps in and gives our clients support through the process. We will conduct groundwork exercises to assure that you will have addressed the myriad of issues to pass with flying colors. The Joint Commission (TJC) was founded in 1950 to accredit a full spectrum of health care organizations, and beginning in 1969, offers accreditation for Behavioral Health organizations. TJC accreditation encourages safe, high quality care for those receiving addiction or mental health treatment.

Accreditation After Care

Along with the kudos of accreditation of a behavioral health organization comes a new responsibility – preparation for re-accreditation in three years. Kanda Consulting LLC offers the best in accreditation aftercare for both TJC and CARF, including the implementation of client satisfaction surveys, record reviews, environment of care issues, and performance evaluations. In addition, we will assist the organization with resolving any cited recommendations, interpreting policies, and implementing new or updated standards.

Mock Surveys

A mock survey is an excellent opportunity for an agency to take a fresh look at policies and procedures, quality assurance, accessibility, information technology, health and safety, and documentation for all of the above. A Kanda Consulting LLC consultant will conduct a gap analysis for TJC or CARF accreditation, to determine what is missing in the organization’s standards, and what needs to be accomplished in the next few months to achieve accreditation. In addition, a survey similar to the actual process will be conducted, so employees are familiar with the process before it occurs. With the results, the organization can make adaptations to be more prepared for a successful CARF or TJC accreditation survey.

State Licensing

State Licensing represents a state’s desire to protect and serve the population with effective and high quality behavioral and mental health services. Kanda Consulting LLC assists organizations in obtaining state licensure through expert advice in establishing standards of care and improved mental health services. Independent licensing is run by each state, under the supervision of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Outcomes and Effectiveness of Treatment

Behavioral health organizations are prioritizing the long-term results of patient treatment as a fundamental part of the care process. This critical step is necessary for CARF and TJC accreditation, a process much more in demand by insurers than in previous years. Kanda Consulting LLC can facilitate this process with expert effectiveness of treatment services and quality care as defined by Clinical Best Practices and Standards of Care. Both short-term and long-term effectiveness play key roles in the accreditation evaluation, so a systematic approach, including valid measures for data collection upon entry, exit and follow-up is essential for successful treatment outcome measurement.

K and A consulting made it easy preparing for our accreditation. We could not have gotten our 3 year outcome without Jim and K and A’s help



K and A made the accreditation preparation fun and easy and we received our 3 years outcome due to Jim’s assistance.

Sandy E.

Upper Bay, MD

K and A met our expectations and more. Jim was extremely professional, answered all of our questions and concerns. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our accreditation. I would highly recommend K and A for your consultative needs.


Wellness Center, DE

Jim was very knowledgeable, helpful, wonderful. Very consultative-based approach

Marion County Health Department